This will help content makers to interact and promote their content directly to their audience.

Build a Game or an app around the concept and tone of the movie to exclusively promote and reach new audience.

Whole Experience will be provided in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality will add an unprecedented level of immersion to the whole experience.


Designed around the Movie

Designed around the concept and tone of the movie.

In-Game Branding and Promotion

All promotional content of the movie will be featured in the app.

Great Social Media Hooks

In-App hooks compels users to share and promote movie on social media.

Interact with the Stars

Lets the audience get closer to the movie and its stars by interacting with them.

Virtual Reality

Interaction with stars through Virtual Reality gives a very realistic feel.

Augmented Reality

Digital interaction with stars through Augmented Reality makes the app very compelling to use.
  • Constantly show movie related promotional materials to the users. 
  • Apps are more engaging than trailers and other forms of digital media. 
  • Apps have longer shelf life and remain longer in audience’s memory.
  • Reaches the cosmopolitan crowd who don’t speak the local language.
  • Potential to get word of mouth publicity.
  • Will gain more popularity and visibility among younger audiences. 
  • An app gives you access to customers’ phones which can be used to push periodic notification about the movie.
  • Game provides a unique opportunity to attract brands.


Mac OS