Build a Game or an app around the concept and tone of the brand & its products to exclusively promote and reach new audience. 

Whole Experience will be provided in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality will add an unprecedented level of immersion to the whole experience. 


Designed around the Brand

Designed around the concept & tone of the brand and its products.

In-Game Branding and Promotion

Constantly show brand related promotional materials to the users.

Great Social Media Hooks

In App hooks compels users to share & promote brand on social media.

Virtual Reality

Interaction with brand ambassadors through Virtual Reality gives a very realistic feel.

Augmented Reality

Digital interaction with brand ambassadors through Augmented Reality makes the app very compelling to use.
  • Apps are more engaging than ads and other forms of digital media.
  • An app gives you access to customers phone which can be used to push periodic notification about new launch and sales.
  • Will gain more popularity and visibility among younger audience.
  • It is cheaper than paying for ads in the long run & will remain available without the need of maintenance and further investment.
  • Push promoted content in an organic and non-intrusive manner without invoking a feeling of frustration of watching an ad pop up while playing. 
  • Apps have longer shelf life and remain longer in audience’s memory.
  • The promoted content can be interactive leading to better user engagement.
  • Increase engagement by running exclusive contest in game and rewarding players.


Mac OS