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Welcome to the Future 

Replace traditional video walk through with a much more engaging “Real Time 360 degree visualization”.

Enhance the experience of your client and help them get a better understanding of your plan and design for their property.

Experience all this in a deeply immersive and realistic  360 degree virtual reality.

Real Time 360 degree visualization

Freedom to move & explore


Our visualization lets the user walk around the environment with complete freedom.

Offering multiple perspectives and better understanding to the clients

Real Time Customization


Lets clients customize and make changes to environment real time. Helps clients to decide easily and clears confusion.

Real Time Changes in Lighting


Lets clients turn lights on and off and make other customization to the lighting setup.

Multiple Platforms


Our Real Time 360 degree visualisation is available on pc, ios, android and web version.

Virtual Reality


Virtual Reality adds an unprecedented level of immersion to the whole experience. The client will have an experience of actually being present at the location and being able to see everything in person.

Multiple Construction Stages


Show Different Stages of Construction.

Make changes faster with real time rendering.

Our Latest Game


Relive the adventurous journey of the movie in this Official TubeLight Game.
Experience the thrill of riding through challenging roads of beautiful Leh & Ladakh. 

Choose from a huge variety of bikes & tracks. 

Available on ios & Android.

Our Games

Hidden Objects Game


Hidden Object Game based on the myth of Dragons.
Available on iOS

Snake Swipe


Bring back memories and relive the old snake game.

Available on iOS

Aerial Rush 3D


Skydive through cities , caves and mountainous landscapes.
Available on Android & iOS

Cosmic Rush


Command your ship into the fast and frantic world of Cosmic Rush.
Available on Android & iOS



Navigate Clio through the Alien infested enemy bases to get energy sources.   Available on Android

Aerial Rush


Feel the rush of gliding through clouds in open skies.
Available on Android

Our Story

 It all started with a small side scrolling flash game in 2011. It gave us the belief that we can make games someday. Codedotart was born from that belief and that is what drove us to create our first commercial game Aerial Rush for Android in 2012 with very limited knowledge about game development. Since then we have grown in our skills and ambition. 

The passion for making games compels us to challenge ourselves with each and every project we undertake. Today we create games on Unity platform which is the premier game engine used by major independent and established game developers. Unlike few emerging developers we create our own game assets using industry standard tools. 

We strive to learn something new from each and every project while using this valuable experience in our current and future productions. Codedotart continues to push it's boundaries and is always eager to find partners who will go on this perilous and exciting adventure with us. 



Trained in graphic design and animation, he wanted to become a game developer ever since he first held a joystick. An avid sports buff and a foodie, loves watching movies and tweeting. A reluctant student during his schooldays, he taught himself game development. Now he creates the game assets and writes complex code for all the games at Codedotart.  



Sleepy software professional by day and sleepless gamer by night. Spends all his money on hoarding video games and systems. Fascinated by technology and driven by the desire to learn about anything and everything under the sun He is involved with conceptualizing and programming new games being cooked up at Codedotart.  

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