Our Story

It all started with a small side scrolling flash game in 2011. It gave us the belief that we can make games someday. CodeDotArt was born from that belief and that is what drove us to create our first commercial game Aerial Rush for Android in 2012 with very limited knowledge about game development. Since then we have grown in our skills and ambition. The passion for making games compels us to challenge ourselves with each and every project we undertake. Today, we create cutting-edge games and 3D simulations, and offer the same in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

Why Us?

We strive to learn something new from each and every project while using this valuable experience in our current and future productions. CodeDotArt continues to push it’s boundaries and is always eager to find partners who will go on this perilous and exciting adventure with us. CodeDotArt is involved in development of cutting edge multi-platform applications. Using our game development skills we provide 3D Simulations and Real Time 360 degree visualization with Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. We specialize in developing mobile games in multiple genres.



Venkatadri Krishnamurthy

Trained in graphic design and animation, he wanted to become a game developer ever since he first held a joystick.

An avid sports buff and a foodie, loves watching movies and travelling.
A reluctant student during his schooldays, he taught himself game development. Now he creates the game assets and writes complex code for all the games at CodeDotArt.


Bikram Kumar Singh

Sleepy software professional by day and sleepless gamer by night.
Spends all his money on hoarding video games and systems.

Fascinated by technology and driven by the desire to learn about anything and everything under the sun.
He is involved with conceptualizing and programming new games being cooked up at CodeDotArt.