Explain and understand any topic respectively through an interactive 3D simulation in very realistic and engaging way.

Teachers can use the app and explain the topic in much better way using an interactive 3D simulation instead of using videos or pictures. Students will have an experience of actually interacting with a 3D simulation of any topic instead of visualising or imagining the topic.



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Interactive 3D Simulation on any topic

Interactive 3D simulation will make it easier for students to understand. Teachers can explain each topic in a much better way.

Ability to scan text books to open 3D Simulation

Scan an image in the text book to open the 3D simulation of that topic.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality makes it fun and easier for students to understand any topic.

Interactive Tests and Tasks

Interactive tests and tasks will feel more like a game to students than an exam. Animations will keep students more engaged than videos.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality provides a very realistic feel.
  • App will act as an entertainment source to keep kids engaged.
  • App will add more value to your books.
  • Users can experience all this at the comfort of their homes.
  • Will also help in marketing and improves Brand presence.
  • An app gives access to customers phone which can be used to push periodic notification about new launch and sales.


Mac OS